Whatever your goal

  • lose-weight

    Lose weight

    A trainer to keep you accountable

  • Build lean muscle

    A trainer to correct your form

  • Get fit - fast

    A trainer to push you harder

The Stats

0 minutes

Harvard research found that a 30 min workout, if done properly, burns as much fat as an hour of moderate exercise

0 calories

40% more than a regular workout

How it works

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Just tap Join and you're in a live, 1-on-1 videocall with your trainer

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Your first session starts with a little chat - because we all have different needs

All you need is your phone

Phones are made for selfies. Stand 6 feet away for your trainer to see you head to toe

Have a great workout

Certified trainers. Personalized sessions. Proven results

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Jose Bonito

CEO @ Jukedeck

“I never imagined I'd be able to have a team of personal trainers in realtime. Other apps just show you pre-recorded videos.“


Gelika Riot

Manager @ Crate.IO

“Love it! Makes a huge difference having a real, live trainer. Keeps me accountable so I don't give up when I'm feeling tired.“

Extremely innovative

Mauro Pastorini

Team Leader @ Vurb

“I never knew I was doing my plank incorrectly until my trainer pointed it out.“

Total gamechanger


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