Frequently asked questions



Frequently asked questions

Magic Fitness connects you live and 1-on-1 with a real personal trainer for a totally customized session every time. No pre-recorded videos or generic routines. Using the video chat feature, your trainer will be able to guide you through exactly the workout you need, correcting your form and pushing you harder than you would push yourself.

Sessions are always 30 minutes and include 3-5 minutes of warmup, about 20 minutes of vigorous exercise and 3-5 minutes of cooldown. Research shows that 20 minutes of HIIT (High Intensity Interval Training) is the equivalent of an hour of moderate, continuous exercise, so don’t think this means you’ll be getting off easy.

All of the workouts are full body HIIT and are designed to torch calories, build lean muscle and improve stamina and endurance.

Each workout is dynamically generated by our system using thousands of data points, including information captured during your fitness assessment, how challenging you found the last session, your progress through the workout, your trainer’s assessment of your fitness level, the frequency of your workouts, and more. Our algorithms have been designed by a combination of leading trainers and good old fashioned exercise science. The more you use Magic, the smarter the system becomes and the more effective every session will be.

Portrait is best.

You should stand about six feet/two meters from your device. You’ll see yourself in the picture-in-picture (PIP) but anyway, if the trainer can’t see you s/he’ll let you know.

Nope – all of the workouts are bodyweight only. Our workouts follow HIIT (High Intensity Interval Training) methodology, meaning they focus on burning calories, building lean muscle and increasing stamina and endurance.

  • Wear comfortable gym clothes.
  • If you haven’t eaten in the last hour, have something light – like a banana.
  • Drink a tall glass of water before your workout and have a full one handy. Or, even better, a water bottle.
  • Have a yoga mat within reach for floor exercises. If none is available, a rug, carpet or folded towel works too.
  • Make sure you’re in a quiet place with no kids, pets or other interruptions and that you have a strong WiFi or 4G signal.
  • If you’re in a gym, outdoors or simply want better audio fidelity, we recommend using Bluetooth headphones.
  • Make sure your phone is at least 50% charged. Low battery alerts can send the video to background, which is annoying.
  • When your trainer is ready, you will receive a further reminder and the “Waiting” button will change to “Join”.
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This very rarely happens as the trainers work from our studio, but if your trainer is more than 1 minutes late or doesn’t show up, we’ll refund your session and give you a second one free for the inconvenience.

If you arrive late, we will adjust the session as needed to get you the best workout you can in the time remaining. Your trainer will wait up to 5 minutes before cancelling your session.

You can cancel a session with no penalty so long as you let us know at least two hours ahead of time. 

If Internet traffic causes the connection to slow, your screen may temporarily freeze or in rare cases the connection might drop but it usually corrects itself within a few seconds. If not, try closing and restarting the app, at which point you’ll be able to hit Join again to rejoin the active session.

If your trainer doesn’t have another session immediately following, you can keep chatting as long as you’d like.

Nope, we think it’s helpful for you to work with trainers who might have different styles. Sticking with the same trainer can breed complacency. Plus this way you’re not dependent on one trainer’s schedule.

Remember that your workout is always designed by the platform and your trainer has access to your profile and exercise history so you’ll always get a great workout no matter who is on the other side of the camera.

If you were unhappy with the session for any reason, please explain what happened in the Comment section of the rating screen or send us a message at explaining what happened and we’ll be sure to get it resolved.

Please use the Comment section of the rating screen to tell us why or send a message to explaining what happened and we’ll make sure you’re never matched with that trainer again.

One of the joys of working live and 1-on-1 with a trainer every time is that you’re not simply served a pre-recorded workout or generic routine. If your trainer sees that you need more rest than indicated, it’s his call. And then next time you’ll find that the workout intensity has increased to reflect your improving fitness.

Personal training has very high perceived value – and for good reason: because it works. But you might be shocked to learn that gyms keep up to 80% of what you pay for a session with your trainer. We pay trainers an excellent wage but don’t pass on the gym markup – which means you no longer need to be rich to afford personal training.

All of our trainers are certified and tested before being allowed to train Magic clients.

Your first few workouts may be based on units of time so as to better calibrate your fitness level. Thereafter your routines may employ reps, time or a mix of both. We make sure to switch it up so you never do the same workout twice.

No, the sessions are never recorded. We respect your privacy at all times.

Not at this time. Two people in a room creates multiple issues: (i) the workout will be customized to the registered user only and (ii) in order to see both people you will need to stand further back from your phone or tablet, which makes it harder for the trainer to pick up on improper form.

Every month (so long as you’ve completed 8 sessions) you will repeat the fitness assessment from your very first session. This will allow us to objectively track your progress relative to your stated goals and across multiple elements. These monthly check-ins are also an opportunity to review your goals and, depending on your progress, your trainer may recommend that you add weights or other resistance. There is no charge for these sessions.

Be sure to tell your trainer during your first session or at any time. We have a doctor on staff who reviews every case and may reach out directly for further details. Your program will be adjusted accordingly, so if it’s a temporary issue just let your next trainer know when you’re fully recovered.

Of course! Feel free to add your preferred playlist – just not so loud that you can’t hear the trainer’s instructions

Magic is not yet native for tablets but if you can open phone apps then you can use your tablet.

You are more than welcome to cast the app to your smart TV. Just keep the phone’s camera pointed at you to make sure the trainer can see you at all times.


If you still have questions, you can reach us at